John Talabot

At John Talabot uniforms are used from P3 to 2nd of ESO. The students in the 3rd and 4th year of ESO only use the sports kit.

The uniform consists of:

  • Navy blue trousers from P3 to 2º ESO (with rubber T2 and T4)
  • Navy blue bermuda shorts from P3 to 2º ESO (with rubber T2 and T4)
  • Navy blue pinafore kindergarten
  • Navy blue pleated skirt with buttons from 1st primary to 2º ESO
  • S/S and L/S yellow embroidered polo from P3 to 2º ESO
  • Navy blue cardigan from P3 to 2º primary
  • Navy blue pullover from 3º primary to 2º ESO
  • Navy blue polar fleece for nursery and primary
  • Red or green stripped smock (your preference) with embroidered name (P3, P4 and P5) from P3 to 5º primary
  • Navy blue hooded sweater from  primary to 2º ESO
  • Navy blue socks from P3 to 2º ESO
  • Navy blue tights from P3 to 2º ESO
  • Navy blue school shoes from P3 to 2º ESO

The sports kit consists of:

  • S/S white embroidered tee from 1º to 4º ESO
  • Navy blue shorts from P3 to 4º ESO
  • Navy blue tracksuit pullover from P3 to 6º primary
  • Navy blue tracksuit trousers from P3 to 6º primary
  • White sports socks from P3 to 4º of ESO
  • White trainers from P3 to 4º of ESO

Required garmets by course:

  • Pre-school (from P3 to P5): green or red striped smock (as preferred), pinafore, trousers with rubber, rubber bermuda, polo M/C, polo M/L, jacket, socks or navy tights, navy blue shoes, tracksuit jacket, tracksuit trousers, short nay, sport white socks, white sneakers sport. INF-P3 supplementary Material supplied by the school.
  • From 1st Primary to 2nd ESO: green or red striped smock (as preferred) (to 5th Primary), skirt,long pants, bermuda, S/S and L/S polo, jacket (up 2nd ESO), pullover (3rd primary to 2º ESO), Hooded sweatshirt (6th primary to 2nd ESO),socks or navy tights, black school shoes, tracksuit jacket and tracksuit pants ( up to 6º primary), S/S white embroidered tee (ESO), short sport white socks, white sports socks, bermuda.
  • 3rd and 4th ESO: S/S white sport tee, navy short, white sports socks, white trainers.

Uniformes Mínime supplies some garments for the uniformity for John Talabot as follows:

  • Sale through the shop on Duquessa d'Orleans 60 in Barcelona: Open Monday to Friday from 8:30h to 20:00h. We have a permanent stock to supply uniforms at the beginning of the school year as well as throughout the year (open all year round except in August).
  • Sale through our website. Payment by credit card. Order is sent via agency with postage paid for orders over 60 EUR. For amounts less than 60 EUR cost is 4.90 EUR. The delivery time is 
    3 to 4 business days (in normal conditions).

    3 to 4 business days (in normal conditions).

  • Special sales of uniforms, where the store remains opened from 9AM to 23PM without interruption. This event takes place in September. The dates will be posted on the main page of this website.

Returns are allowed within 10 days. We will refund the money paid (see footer for conditions of purchase).