How to buy

We have tried to simplify the most of the buying process :

  1. Browse the different branches of the catalog ( left menu ) , each leading to a list of products . To return to the beginning of the catalog click " Books " in the top menu .
  2. Each branch of the catalog lists all products with a box to decide how much each of you want and a drop down menus to choose sizes and colors available.
  3. Skip to cart page where we see all the products that we have chosen . If you had previous products have joined the new .
  4. To continue adding back to the products menu on the left , choose a new category from the list and return to add products .
  5. All prices are retail and include VAT , the final price will be defined in the purchase page with information on the shipping destination and the cost and if they had additional promotions or discounts.

Complete your order you must follow the following steps :

  1. If you do not want a product mark the box on the left and press the button " Update Cart " .
  2. To change quantities, we rewrite the number in the table in the shopping cart you want and click the button "Update Cart " .
  3. If you 've added products that we already had the new quantities are added to the above.
  4. To confirm your order click the " Checkout " button, which brings up a page where we verify the data, until then the basket allowed modifications.
  5. The purchase process comprises four well-defined steps :
  • Add all products that are not interested in the page for " Shopping "
  • Complete details of the buyer at the page "Buy"
  • Check all the products and information are correct on the page " Review Order "
  • Pass through the secure payment with the bank on your website to give there details Credit Card

That's it! , After that you will be back at our website .