About us

Minime is Berlotex S.L.'s brand of school uniforms, a company dedicated to textiles and clothing since 2001, and has extensive experience in the sector.

It is part of a textile business group that has been in operation for nearly 80 years which stores specialty fabric for uniforms on permanent stock with its own cut. This allows for quick and custom service for its customers.

Maximum quality at a good price

This is Berlotex's philosophy. A philosophy applied to all their product lines and carried out thanks to its extensive experience and expertise in import and domestic production to a large scale.

Uniformes Mínime has specialized suppliers both nationally and internationally, which have been especially selected for each garment in particular. With mass production, in its various product lines, allows you to get more competitive prices without sacrificing quality of materials or finishes.

Basic clothing and uniforms for all schools

Mínime sells uniforms for schools under specific authorization. It manufactures and sells directly to the parents of the students of the authorized schools. It is responsible for production, sales, logistics and customer service.

It also produces uniform garments that some schools sell directly to their students through its own store.

Mínime also sells basic clothing, without insignia, valid for various schools. All of this is available at the store, or through the online shop, always at the same price.

Mínime also offers a custom embroidery service, to identify smocks or other clothing if the school requires it, which can also be ordered through the online shop.