Custom school agendas

Do you want information about how we can offer agendas for your school?

Uniformes Mínime offers school agendas:

  • Fully customized, tailored to the needs of their school, with the possibility of repetition, however small.
  • Design and layout service at no further charge and choice of 1, 2 or 3 languages (Catalan, Castilian and English).
  • Our school agendas can be customized on the front, back and on their front pages with school rules, images or other information provided with the logo of the school, even on every page.
  • They also have a wide range of optional pages as multiplication tables, periodic tables, maps, alphabet, notes, Communications parents - tutors, schedules, etc.

They can be adapted to our proposals for school agendas that appear on the left column or request a custom quote model used by your school.

Complete the form below to let them get a sample as quickly as possible. Select on the form what type of sample school diary wish to receive or you will recojemos their sample of current agenda.

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